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The Seedlings Nepal Book Club

"The Book Club of Seedlings Nepal" is a welcoming community initiative designed to bring together avid readers and those looking to develop a reading habit. We offer a platform for meaningful discussions and encourage collective community-based learning. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just beginning your literary journey, our club provides a supportive environment to share your interests and build your reading practice.

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"Sow the Seeds of Knowledge: Join the Seedlings Nepal Book Club!"

We are extremely delighted to introduce "The Book Club of Seedlings Nepal." This initiative provides a platform or avid readers to have meaningful discussions with people who share their interests. However, it is not limited to people who are already into the habit of reading books. If you want to develop your practice of reading books but lack motivation, our book club is the perfect place for you to get started. We believe in collective community-based learning, so everyone is welcome to be a part of this club.

Key points to be noted:
1) The club will run every Thursday.
2) As far as the timing is concerned, it will be in the evening. However, the exact time will be decided as per the members' responses on the registration form.
3) The club will operate online via Google Meet or Zoom.

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