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Akshita RL Shah

Pitch your Potential

A business case study competition is an academic opportunity whereby students compete to crack an issue or a challenge that has been presented. Students are expected to showcase critical, analytical, and organizational abilities to develop a recommendation that they present in front of the judges or corporate sponsors.


Case study competitions are becoming increasingly popular. But why should you devote your time to participating in such events? Here are a few reasons how joining a case competition kickstarts a student's life.


A chance to get a sense of the workplace culture: You'll meet various staff, including young professionals working in the field of your interest, who may share their experiences. You can also ask them any queries if needed. Getting a glimpse of the working life and gaining hands-on experience is something one can look forward to.

Different networking experience: A case competition is a great way of growing one's professional network and showcasing their talent. Such competitions give participants an opportunity to connect with the executives of the company; helping them gain valuable insights into the business/finance world.

Develop and practice your case-solving skills: When you work on a real-life business case, it will teach you about the actual challenges faced by the businesses in the industry. Many firms employ case problem-solving as part of recruitment. Case competitions provide an opportunity to put this talent to the test. It makes you capable of tackling various problems and enhance your critical thinking skills.

Make an impression; make a difference: A business case competition is a fantastic way of having your ideas realized by the companies. You may observe how your thoughts turn into action and how they make a difference. Companies are always looking for ways to solve challenges, and a case competition is a perfect place to start.

Builds up confidence: Winning a case competition will enhance your confidence and various skills. In the future, you will be able to portray your true self. However, participating in such competitions isn't always about winning. As long as you've gained something from the experience, it'll help you grow as a person and make you tenacious.

Have fun & broaden your horizon: It is a great way to have fun and widen your horizons, so enjoy your time cracking the case. Throughout the competition, you will encounter people from different cultures with their own unique perspectives. Overall, this opportunity to work in a varied and demanding environment can be an enriching experience.


Now that you've become familiar with the advantages, what are you waiting for? Look around and seize the opportunity. Life is too short to not participate in a case competition!

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