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EBCC 2021, Introduction to Business Case Study

Before we begin with the webinar details, let’s brainstorm the idea of a Business Case Study. Why experiences of others matter? Or Why do we need to learn from others or why is it that we need to learn from the experiences? 

So, learning from others is actually one way of learning; from textbooks, parents, teachers, and so on. These learnings boil down to what experiences have you gained? Experiences matter because you do not know what you will learn or face until someone who’s already lived it shares them with you.  “Learn from the mistakes of others, because you cannot afford to make them all on your own”. –Chanakya

Therefore, experiences teach you ways to not make a mistake. Why is it important that you realize this is because a case study is something you need to learn from what others have gone through, experienced, and provide insights? It gives you a path to follow and not make the same mistake. 


EBBC 2021 – First Webina

EBCC 2021 webinars are organized to prepare participants for the competition. It helps build up their confidence before the competition begins. Participants will be provided with training, tips, and guidance to follow during the event.

In EBCC 2021’s first webinar, we discuss the basic introduction to the business case, mentored by Mr. Shrijan Bhandari. Giving you a few statistics about EBCC 2021, the competition has covered around 6 provinces, 15+ districts, and over 130 over participants. 

About Mentor  

Webinar 1 Mentor–Mr. Shrijan Bhandari is an MBA graduate from Kathmandu University School of Management. He has worked as a student consultant for Idea Studio Season 4 and 5, and regional level agricultural project- MUNAA.  He is also an award winner for Inter-College Case Study Competition and stock picking at Aarambha 2019, and many other national and international level competitions. Mr. Shreejan has an interest in entrepreneurship, startup, financing, business plan development, and business



What is Business Case?  

Let’s, for instance, take a business case as a story where the protagonist begins his journey, did certain things in that journey, and now it has some twists and turns. The protagonist has to make some decisions that decide the journey ahead. This is the point where we learn from past experiences. 

In a business case, there will be a story and a storyline, but you have to look at what is behind it or beyond it. You need to figure out what is the thing you are missing and make it complete. When studying the business case, you need to look further and not what’s at the surficial level. In order to develop analytical skills, you need to get to the core of the study. 

To know more about introduction to business case:

Cracking a Business Case

Think Business Case as a process of learning. For instance, what will you do after you earn some amount? The concept for utilizing the money is given to you, either you invest it or spend it. Now, the decision has to be yours. Cracking a Business Case is similar; you apply your knowledge to make certain decisions arranging the information and facts in order. In the end, you need to reach a short, precise, and specific solution. 


Ending the Webinar

The Webinar had a time separation for the Q & A session. We were glad to see our participants

for their attempt to know more about the competition, its rules, and mentors. Participating in Business Case Competition gives you knowledge, platform to build on and also provides you with how to think analytically. Moreover, solving a business case is also a team effort. While solving the business case, dividing work and communicating with your team member is the most efficient tip from our mentor Mr. Shrijan Bhandari.

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