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Our Projects

Since its inception, Seedlings Nepal has made significant strides in empowering the youth and creating a positive impact. Here are some of our key accomplishments:


Everest Business Case Competition 2021

Everest Business Case Competition 2021 was a dynamic venture into the real-world complexities of the business realm. This unique experience allowed participants to step into the roles of entrepreneurs and consultants, grappling with the everyday challenges of operating a business. Over the course of eight days, each team delved into a real or hypothetical business case, collaborating intensively to formulate a comprehensive business strategy that addressed critical issues facing the enterprise. Qualifying teams advanced to the final stage, preparing for a live presentation before a panel of judges who meticulously assessed their solutions. Ultimately, the team that presented the most compelling case emerged as the victor of this prestigious competition.

The Book Club of Seedlings Nepal

Our book club initiative is a haven for passionate readers seeking engaging discussions with like-minded individuals who share their love for literature.This initiative serves as a valuable platform for passionate readers to engage in meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals who share their literary interests. Importantly, it's not exclusive to avid bookworms; if you're looking to cultivate a reading habit and need that extra push, our book club is the ideal starting point. We are firm believers in the power of collective, community-based learning, and we warmly invite everyone, regardless of their reading background, to become a part of this enriching club. Your journey through the world of books begins here.

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Webinar Series: Self Development Workshop

In collaboration with Career Coach Nepal, Seedlings Nepal recently organized a transformative webinar series focused on personal and professional growth. This project encompassed a diverse range of workshops, catering to the needs of students, professionals, and individuals seeking self-improvement. Join us as we recap the success of this enriching project and explore the valuable insights it brought to our participants. As we reflect on the success of this endeavor, we are grateful for the unwavering support and enthusiastic participation from our community. Stay tuned for more exciting projects on the horizon. 

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