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Who are we?


Our Story

For a seed to grow, a strong foundation should be laid. Seedlings Nepal, an organization founded by a group of like-minded individuals meets the needs of youths by equipping them with an opportunity to develop and enhance a constructive mindset. Watching the seedling of a flower bloom is comparable to observing a person develop into a strong-willed individual. Seedlings Nepal provides the best possible holistic exposure and nurturing to ensure that the potential of youths is fully maximized. 


Seedlings Nepal is established with the goal of arranging numerous events and tournaments for youngsters to strengthen themselves in their areas of expertise, such as business, social studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and applied science. Along with that, we also aspire to embed soft skills in the youths through public speaking, leadership opportunities, design thinking, and collaborative activities which foster confidence, curiosity, and adaptability. We strive to fill the void that might lead to missing out on chances at the national and international levels.


Because we believe that purpose fuels passion, we foster an educative and inclusive atmosphere. Youths with a burning desire to succeed who step out of their comfort zone emerge as leaders once they become a part of Seedlings Nepal.

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